"At our core, Niagara Transformer has the best people, taking on the toughest engineering challenges with the highest quality and the shortest lead times." - John F. Darby, President

  About Niagara Transformer Corp. 

The Niagara Transformer Corp. is recognized as a leader in the design and manufacturing of transformers intended to cover the widest spectrum of the world's transformer applications. Whether it is general purpose requirements for the commercial, industrial, and utility customer to designing for the unique conditions of Antarctica, humid and corrosive offshore oil platforms, high elevation mining operations, or desert solar farms, our "customer designed" transformers provide unparalleled performance, no matter what the application.

Niagara Transformer Corp. produces transformers up to 50 MVA base rating, 138 kV 650 kV BIL high voltage, and 90,000 Amp secondary current ratings.

Niagara Transformer Commercial Transformers

Decades of Transformer Experience

Since 1933, Niagara Transformer Corp. has produced liquid filled, dry type, sealed dry type, and cast coil transformers to meet our clients' demands for high quality, engineering flexibility, and optimum performance particularly for applications involving rectifier duty, drive duty, arc furnace, induction furnace, military, excitation, and power electronics applications.

Since 1943, Niagara Transformer Corp. has been a well-respected supplier to the utility industry, providing medium voltage power substation transformers (with and without on load tap changers) to over 500 utilities, both through individual procurements, as well as through multi-year investor-owned utility blanket agreements.

Niagara Transformer Corp.'s liquid filled, ventilated dry type, sealed dry type, and cast coil transformers are found in 82 countries around the world demonstrating our ability to provide compliance to all international specifications and standards such as UL, CUL, CSA, RUS, DNV, ABS, Lloyds, UBC, WEEE, RoHS, RoHS China, CE, IEC, KC, BS, PIP, FM, DOE, US Green Supplier, and GOST.

Niagara Transformer Corp. also has the ability to provide compliance where supply needs to be through a small business, women-owned business (WBE), or minority-owned business (MBE).

Niagara Transformer Company History

Quality Across Multiple Industries

Niagara Transformer Corp.'s sales team can provide any type of surety such as bid bonds, performance bonds, and warranty bonds as needed.

Demonstrating Niagara Transformer Corp.'s experience, we have sold over 75,000 transformers and have over 350 years of transformer design experience, 600 years of transformer manufacturing experience, and 85 years of transformer plant management experience, with former utility engineers on staff, both electrical and mechanical professional engineers, as well as a newly elected IEEE Fellow as our V.P. of Engineering.

The assurance of providing world-class quality is our primary goal.  Niagara Transformer Corp. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and we have been audited and have passed many detailed in-depth quality audits conducted by respected third-party agencies, large international OEMs and major investor-owned, municipal and rural electrical utilities, both from the U.S. as well as internationally.

As a member of NEMA since 1942 and an active participant in IEEE and IEC standards committees, Niagara Transformer Corp. plays a leadership role in developing and revising the national and international governing standards for transformers and their applications.

Our testing capabilities often surpass industry standards.  We can provide full testing as required by ANSI, CSA, and IEC.  We also have the ability to provide Doble testing, combinational testing/string testing, integration, short circuit testing, front of wave/switching surge impulse testing, and provide customers with seismic certification where needed.

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