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 Process Rectifier Duty Transformer

Process Rectifier Transformers are an essential component for today's electrochemical industry. Niagara Transformer can be supplied to interface with your current rectifier, or in combination with a new rectifier system. Niagara Transformer has over 80 years of experience supplying these rigorously designed and built transformers for the chlorate, chlor-alkali, chlorine, aluminum, and copper electrowinning, and associated electrochemical industries throughout the world. we are also experts in building these transformers to accommodate the most demanding site conditions, including low ambient, high ambient, coastal and chemical, and high elevation environments. 

Why Choose Niagara Transformer For Your Rectifier Duty Transformer?

  • Up to 138kV
  • Up to 650 kV BIL
  • Single Phase or Three Phase 
  • Copper or Aluminum
  • Circular/Rectangular Layer/Disc
  • 6/12/24/36/48 pulse configurations
  • Thyristor, diode, IGBT rectifier configurations
  • Oil to waster heat exchangers or oil to air radiators
  • Sealed Tank, Automatic Insert Gas Pressure, Converter Tank
  • Seismic Zone: Up to 4 
  • Electrical Classifications: Through Class 1 Division 2 Group C/D
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -40ºC to +40ºC
  • Standards: ANSI C57.21
  • Up to 95,000 amps
  • Automatic Switching available 
  • Full combinational testing available 
Having worked with large original equipment manufacturers, procuring and construction firms, government utilities and others for many years, our experience is unmatched in the transformer industry. When looking for electrochemical power transformers, it's best to choose a reputable company that's ISO-listed and proven to have excellent quality control systems. Therefore, if you are looking to procure an electrochemical transformer, Niagara Transformer is the place for you. Contact us today.

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