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Electric Utility Grade Transformer

 An Electric Utility Grade Transformer from Niagara Transformer can take care of all of your power needs.  This transformer can come as a single-, double-, or three-phase transformer.  It can come in copper and aluminum allowing you to have it fit your specific needs.  This Utility Grade Transformer transfers the same amount of power that it receives.  However, it can increase or decrease the voltage or current levels that come in.  To keep power losses at a minimum, the transformer's system usually decreases the current level.  
Niagara Transformer can adhere to different county codes and regulations when installing and maintaining your new Electric Utility Grade Transformer.  Our skilled technicians have had years of experience and will install your new transformer efficiently and safely.  
  • Up to 50 MVA base rating
  • Up to 138 kV, 650 kV BILElectric Utility Transformer
  • 1, 2 or 3 phase
  • 60 or 50 hertzONAN, ONAF, OFAF, ONWF
  • 55ºC or 65ºC rise
  • Copper or aluminum
  • Circular, rectangular, disc, helical, layer
  • Harmonic allowances up to K-20
  • Conservator or Sealed tank construction
  • With or without on load tap changers (LTC)
  • Up to 20% IZ
  • IEEE/ANSI or IEC Standards
  • Full range of country specific certifications
  • High ambient & elevation designs available
  • Classified area designs available through Class 1 Division 2 Group C/D
  • Seismic designs through Seismic zone 4
  • UL Certified
  • Type II mineral oil, our preferred high fire point fluid FR3, Midel as well as other fluids
  • Full in house testing


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