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Dry Type Transformers

Replacing a defective transformer can be a serious hassle for anyone other than trained professionals. The team at Niagara Transformer has you covered when it comes to all things pertaining to Dry Type Transformers. If you need a reliable transformer for inside a building that will not cause safety hazard, Dry Type Transformers are the way to go. These fire-resistant transformers are a perfect fit for school, hospitals, and any other institution that needs a great amount of electricity but also needs to reduce dangerous hazards.

Benefits of Dry Type Transformers

Dry Type TransformerThese transformers are unique because, unlike liquid filled transformers, they have an alternative system for cooling that does not require any extra materials such as oil or silicone. Dry Type Transformers from Niagara Transformer also offer step-down or step-up along with single phase or three-phase functionalities. These transformers are also adaptable to a wide variety of different locations and climates, as they boast an ambient temperature range of -40 to 40 degrees Celsius. You can also opt for different constructions of Dry Type Transformers, as Niagara Transformer offers vacuum pressure impregnation or cast coil constructions to give their customers a variety of choices. 

Niagara Transformer offers an incredible supply of Dry Type Transformers to fit a wide array of needs for their customers. Give them a call today to explore all of your options.


v     Construction:  Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) or Cast Coil

v     Step-Down or Step-Up

v     Up to 30-MVA

v     Up to 46-kV

v     Up to 250-kV BIL

v     Single Phase or Three-Phase

v     Frequency: 60-Hertz, 50-Hertz,  25-Hertz, Others

v     Cooling Class:  AA or AF

v     Insulation Class:  105C, 150C, 180C, 220C

v     Sealed Tank, Automatic Inert Gas Pressure, Conservator Tank

v     Seismic Zone: Up to 4

v     Electrical Classifications:  Through Class 1 Division 2 Group C/D

v     Ambient Temperature Range: -40C to +40C

v     Standards:   C57.12.01

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