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Electrochemical Power Electronic Rectifier Transformers 

Transformers are a need in today's electronic world. Most of the things we use require electricity, and in most cases operate using specific voltages and frequencies. Transformers gives you the ability to generate electricity according to the specifications, which are most realistic in terms of transmission and power loss. Electrochemical Power Electronic Rectifier Transformers can be used to step up or step down power and hence gives you flexibility.

Each client has different needs and we make it our obligation at Niagara Transformers to design each Electrochemical Power Electronic Rectifier Transformer to meet each client's needs and specifications. Our team of knowledgeable designers will create the best transformers for you.

Why choose Niagara Electrochemical Power Electronic Rectifier Transformers ?

  • Electrochemical power is produced from chemical reactions or using electrical energy to create chemical reactions. The material used to create these transformers are checked to ensure that it meets the required standards.
  • The core and windings of the transformers are assembled with the best insulation material. After this, all our transformers undergo quality testing where we make sure the product is safe to use.
  • Our Electrochemical Power Electronic Rectifier Transformers are designed in a robust way where they are designed to survive even the most extreme weather conditions. Therefore, they are ideal for indoor or outdoor duty.
  • Best of all our transformers are environmental friendly with up to 50 MVA base rating and up to 138kV, 650Kv BIL.
  • Our products comply with the government standards so you are always sure that you have the best when you chose.

Having worked for many years with large original equipment manufacturers, procuring and construction firms, government utilities and others, our experience is unmatched in the transformer industry. When looking for Electrochemical Power Electronic Rectifier Transformer it is best to choose a reputable company that is ISO listed and proven to have excellent quality control systems. Therefore, if you are looking to procure an Electrochemical Power Electronic Rectifier Transformer, Niagara Transformers is the place for you. Fill out our form below and someone will be in contact with you shortly to fulfill all your transformer needs. 

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