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Mechanical Engineer

Niagara Transformer Corporation, Buffalo, NY seeks Mechanical Design Engineers. 

Design custom-built transformers based on client specifications utilizing domestic and international engineering and quality control standards.  Prepare customer drawings using 3D CAD technology.  Ensure customized designs comport with client specifications and national industry standards.  Design clamp structures and bracing systems to withstand short circuit forces.  Devise internal low and high voltage connections for minimal electrical clearances.  Conduct thermodynamic calculations for heat dissipation.  Select appropriately rated current carrying devices (cable, bus bar, tap switches) and special vendor components (bushings, tap changers, temperature and cooling controls).  Confer with electrical engineers and other manufacturing departments to ensure efficient and cost-effective fulfillment of client needs and expectations. 

Requires Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering and two (2) yrs. experience in the Job Offered.  Two (2) yrs. experience must have included the design and manufacture of transformer products through the entire design process from beginning to end. 

To Apply

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  • We are well versed in various US visa categories and encourage all potential candidates to apply, regardless of country of origin
  • We offer competitive pay, benefits and relocation packages, tailored to the individual needs of strong applicants
  • We are an equal opportunity employer



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